Royal Doulton Collectables and Gifts

Discover a timeless tradition with the Royal Doulton iconic Figurines collection. A classic item adored by people for many, many years, Royal Doulton figurines have become a national treasure – often being passed down as heirlooms and still crafted to the same superior standard of quality and detail that they always have been. Hand-decorated by skilled craftsmen and women, each piece boasts impeccable attention to detail; from rosy red blush on the cheeks to the most intricate of dress patterns – no detail is left unfinished for a hallmark quality, always.

We stock a large selection of Figurines, including the Annual Collection, The Sentiments Petite Collection, The Christmas Collection and the Royal Commemorative Collection.

The Sentiments Petites Collection

Designed by Neil Faulkner, beautifully express the timeless emotions of love and friendship, making them perfect gifts to mark special occasions or to evoke precious memories.

Christmas Collection

In addition to the Annual Christmas figurines, each year a new collection is available. This year there are additions to the popular Carol Singers collection.

Carol Singing has been synonymous with Christmas celebrations for centuries and the Royal Doulton Carol Singers collection links classic carols with the fashions and traditions of the Victorian period.

Annual Collection

Each year, fresh studies become the new heirlooms of the future, with items to commemorate important dates and events to invest in. Annual birthday figurines, seasonal Christmas designs and Figure of The Year remain as popular as ever.

Royal Commemoratives

Royal Doulton has a long tradition of creating prestigious limited edition figures depicting the Kings and Queens of Britain as well as other members of the Royal Family.