Nao Figures

The ceramic tradition of the Valencian Community goes back to Roman times, and since then has continued to be one of the exponents of the artistic skills of an area of Spain that has also been expressed through painting, sculpture and music.

Since it first started in 1968, NAO has always chosen the finest local artisans for the elaboration of its porcelains, and they have given us demonstrations everyday of their talent and skills with this material.

The figurines are the result of a seamless combination of handcrafted work with the most innovative porcelain-making techniques. The experience of NAO professionals coupled with the company ’s track record in this sector accounts for their products’ outstanding quality. Besides, their liking for details gives their figurines their characteristic warmth and beauty. The sweetness of children’s faces and the liveliness of some scenes are excellent proof of the uniqueness of the NAO catalogue.