Poole Pottery Maya Hourglass vase 24cm BNIB

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Poole Pottery Maya Hourglass Vase 24cm

This item is the smaller sized 24cm tall vase.

Meaning 'earth', Maya was inspired by our native British landscape. Hand-painted in a vibrant mix of electric blue and green glazes, featuring a small vignette that captures the great British landscape in all its glory, this eye-catching Maya Tall Hourglass Vase features the distinctive glaze effects that make the pottery truly unique.

Each item from Poole Pottery is crafted using traditional techniques. The coloured base glaze is first sprayed on by hand and left to dry. A pattern may then be drawn on as a guide if needed before it's handpainted by layering one colour onto another. This creates the shimmering and dramatic effects that Poole Pottery has been known for since 1873.

As each piece is decorated by hand every one will be unique.

Poole Pottery has been made in England since 1873. Now in the heart of the Staffordshire 'Potteries' every piece is formed from English clay and sprung from handmade moulds. Each piece of Poole Pottery is handled with the care and attention of their skilled craftsmen, but it is their glazers and paintresses, whose expertise in decoration, that makes every piece unique and individual. Layer upon layer of reactive glaze create Poole's vibrant and bold decorations.

Every finished item is personalised with the artist's own individual mark, adding even more value to each piece.

Poole Pottery is renowned for excellence and is committed to working with the highest of skilled Craftsmen and Artisans in Poole Quay and also in the Production Studio and Factory in Burslem, Stoke-on-Trent to create a collectable for the future.

Supplied in a Poole Pottery box