Royal Copenhagen Bing & Grondahl Annual Collectable Christmas Plate 2018

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The Christmas night is sparkling cold, clear and beautiful – almost magical. Even the fox senses the special atmosphere and stops for a moment during his busy hunt. <br>The Christmas plate from Bing & Grøndahl is the oldest one of its kind in the world and was issued for the first time in 1895. <br>This motif, drawn by artist Dag Samsund, is number 124 in the series and it adorns the plate, the bell and the drop. <br>The relief has been hand-cut based on the artist’s drawing and the plate was made according to old, proud craftsmanship traditions.<br>

Item No.: 1024800 <br>
Size: 18 cm <br>
Main material: Porcelain <br>
Design by: Dag Samsund <br>
Production start: 2018 <br>