Royal Doulton Santa's Christmas List - Christmas Figurine 2018

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Santa’s Christmas List is a colorful study reflecting all the magical charm of the festive season. The jolly Santa reads from a scroll bearing the names of the children he’s leaving gifts for under the brilliantly decorated Christmas tree. Festive garlands, vibrant baubles, tinkling bells and stars adorn the tree, whilst beautifully wrapped parcels stacked below are awaiting the excitement of Christmas Day. Wrapped up against the winter’s cold as he travels around the world, Santa’s distinctive brilliant red jacket, trousers and hat are trimmed with fur. His jacket sporting magnificent brass colored buttons, is fastened with a brown leather belt with a bold brass buckle. Evocative and full of nostalgia, Santa’s Christmas List is a Royal Doulton character figurine at its very best! The Father Christmas Annual Figurines are painted by hand by talented ceramic artists, who use time honored techniques and traditional colors such as Santa Claus Red. The bold colors and painting style are perfect for emphasizing the nostalgic mood and the story telling ‘moment in time’, that this jovial Santa depicts.

Height: 23.876cm / 9.4 in
Width: 20.066cm / 7.9 in
Depth: 13.462cm / 5.3 in
Dishwasher Safe: No
Microwave Safe: No
Is In Gift Box: Yes
Type: Figurines